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Welcome to Mithical

Our objective is to unite people across cultures through intricate storytelling and unique art. We utilize NFTs as the means to achieve this outcome. We design individual narratives, characters, and worlds, to spark the conversation. Together with our community, we evolve these elements and build the greater Mithical universe. Let's construct the emerging Mithical world together, join our community now:

Vini, Vidi

As we have continued to grow in the NFT space, we identified several opportunities for innovation. Some of these include NFT minting, utility, liquidity & more. As a result, our focus has evolved from purely NFTs and world-building to helping mature the entire NFT ecosystem. With the help of our community, partners, and other entities, we hope to simplify participation in the NFT space.

Our Team

We are a wholly self-driven & self-funded team. Our team includes:

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