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Chronicles of Yamata

Collection 01 comprises Samurais spread across five dynasties with unique designs and traits. Historic Samurai clans are the inspiration for each of the dynasties created.

Token TypeERC-721
Release Date5th February 2022
Total Supply1000
StatusSold Out
Ka Dynasty


After mastering fire, wind, water, earth, and the power of the ether, five dynasties are searching for mysterious artifacts. The rumor is that those who possess all the rumored ETHER STONES will become a god, and no being shall rival them. Follow the five dynasties as the story unfolds and experience treachery, bloodshed, and euphoria, in a winner takes all scenario.

Ka Dynasty

Oda Musk is the leader of the Ka Dynasty and is part of a politically influential family. Like Fire, Ka Samurais are fierce and ruthless, unwithering amid hardship; they focus on dominating the aggressor.

Chi Dynasty

Satoshi Saylor leads a sect of warrior monks. These monks respect and value the earth for its abundance of resources. Experts in the art of war strategy, Chi monks, surprise the enemy when they least expect it.

Fu Dynasty

The Head of the Fu Dynasty, Pepeji, is said to be cautious and calculative. Embodying the principles of the wind, Fu warriors are great horse riders and skilled in the art of silent movement.

Ku Dynasty

We don't know much about the Ku dynasty, except that they are experts at dark magic, necromancy, and sorcery. Warlord Vitaliku Butori has worked hard to keep the events and resources of the Ku dynasty secret.

Sui Dynasty

Zhu Su Kektoshi rules the Sui empire with an iron fist. Sui mercenaries are equipped with a modern arsenal of weapons and believe in the principles of water; they are formless, fluid, and relentless.

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